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The Easiest Ways to Relocate to Canada from Nigeria

The Easiest Ways to Relocate to Canada from Nigeria

You may simply migrate to Canada without breaking any laws if you have the appropriate knowledge. Relocating is an age-old behavior that is ingrained in human nature. People don’t just move, as you may have seen. They do so for a variety of reasons. Among the most important are:

The Easiest Ways to Relocate to Canada from Nigeria
The Easiest Ways to Relocate to Canada from Nigeria

1- To flee violence: People whose lives are jeopardized as a result of war or conflict are sometimes inspired to seek a peaceful living elsewhere. You may readily connect to this if you dwell in the tormented region of Northern Nigeria.

2- To escape poverty: This is the most common motive for emigration in Nigeria. Every year, thousands of Nigerians move to Canada due to the country’s severe unemployment and poverty levels. Indeed, Nigerians are migrating to nations that provide a higher financial reward for hard effort, with Canada being a popular destination.

3- To have greater access to healthcare: Imagine living in a nation where no one trusts the healthcare system owing to inadequate medical facilities and people.

4- Obtaining a decent education: Education in Canada, the United States, and many European nations is among the best and cannot be compared to what is available in Nigeria. Obtaining a good education has motivated many with the resources to go overseas.

Other motivations to relocate include marriage, family reunion, and business possibilities.

If you are still reading this post, only you know why you want to move to Canada. However, whatever the cause, the following are the legal ways to relocate:

Learn English in Canada and Get Permanent Residency

When you go to Canada as an international student, getting a stay, as they say, is fairly simple. In this situation, ‘getting a stay’ means obtaining permanent residency and, as a result, Canadian citizenship.

Unlike the other legal ways of relocating to Canada, migrating as an international student does not need a job offer from a Canadian university.

There are several programs that allow overseas students to seek for residence when they finish their education. The following are the routes from student visa holder to Canadian permanent resident status:

1- Enroll in a study program of your choosing and utilize your admission letter to apply for a student visa.

2- Work up to 20 hours per week throughout the school year and full-time during the summer (you have the right as a student).

3- Bring in your spouse through an open full-time work permit scheme run by the Canadian government. Your spouse may work full-time without limitations.

4- After graduation, obtain your post-graduate employment permit. You are eligible for a permit based on the number of years you have studied in Canada. This implies that if you study for three years, you are eligible to a three-year work visa that allows you to work in Canada and get “Canadian experience.” This will subsequently be used to apply for residence.

5- Obtain your residence with the Canadian experience class (CEC). This is due to the Canadian job experience you received during the post-graduate employment program.

Relocate to Canada with the help of the Federal Skilled Worker Program.
Another option to lawfully immigrate to Canada is through the government skilled worker program.

The federal skilled worker program was developed by the Canadian government to welcome foreigners to Canada as permanent residents. The applicants are chosen based on their age, education, work experience, English proficiency, adaptability, and career opportunities in Canada.

You can qualify for the program if you receive 67 points after the exams. The program’s brilliance is that you can analyze yourself to ensure you will pass before investing in the application procedure.

From Nigeria, apply for a Canadian Work Permit.

If you get a work offer from a Canadian employer, you can move to Canada. According to, approximately 300,000 foreign employees enter Canada on temporary work permits each year.

A work permit is the simplest sort of visa to get since you will not be subjected to the same scrutiny as a visitor or tourist visa application. It is nearly certain; all you need is an employment letter from a Canadian employer.

Although landing a job offer from Canada is difficult, it is absolutely feasible. It is just a matter of sending your resume to as many firms in Canada as feasible. If you’re lucky, one of them will schedule you for a skype-based interview where you’ll be able to market yourself.

Following a successful interview, you will be issued an employment contract in order to apply for a work visa. The procedure for obtaining a temporary work permit to Canada from Nigeria is outlined below.

1- Get a job by applying for positions with Canadian firms on sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and CanadaJobs.

2- The employer requests a labor market effect evaluation. If you are successful, then

3- The employer sends a letter of employment.

4- You apply to the Canadian embassy in Nigeria for a temporary work permit.

5- A work permit has been obtained.


So far, we’ve looked into the best ways to lawfully migrate to Canada. However, we would want to emphasize that we do not advocate for illegal immigration to Canada. For example, overstaying a visitor’s visa or filing a fake asylum claim.

Engaging in such tactics makes the visa application process more difficult for other Nigerians who want to go to Canada or visit for tourism or business.