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How To Apply For A Canadian Visa From Nigeria

How To Apply For A Canadian Visa From Nigeria

If you are from Nigeria and are wondering why so many people from all over the world want to live and work in Canada, perhaps what you don’t know is that Canada offers people a chance to receive the best medical care, it offers safety to the people who live there, and it overall offers a higher standard of living. If this is something you want for yourself and your family, keep reading to find out how to apply for a Canadian visa from Nigeria and become one of the over 1.2 million immigrants welcomed to Canada over the next three years.

How To Apply For A Canadian Visa From Nigeria

How To Apply For A Canadian Visa From Nigeria

Nigerians’ Visa Options in Canada

Entry with Hassle

Express Entry is a web-based immigration system that runs three federal immigration programs for skilled foreign workers seeking permanent residency in Canada. The three Express Entry programs are as follows:

  1. The Federal Skilled Worker Program
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Training Program
  3. Class for Canadian Experience

The Express Entry procedure is an excellent immigration route because processing times can be as short as six months. It’s also one of Canada’s busiest entry ports, because to the Express Entry system, which is available to practically everyone.

What is the Express Entry system and how does it work?

You’ll need to build an online profile once you’ve decided that you’ve satisfied all of the Express Entry requirements. Your passport, language test scores, and educational credential evaluation report are all required papers to complete the profile. This online profile must be provided within 90 days of the commencement date.

After completing the application, you will be placed in the Express Entry system draw pool alongside other qualified candidates and assigned a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. Your CRS score is established by criteria such as your education level, language competence, work experience, and others.

If you receive an Invitation To Apply, it will be based on your CRS score (ITA). This implies you will be able to apply to become a permanent resident of Canada. Each draw pool has its own unique CRS score to qualify, and it happens every two weeks.

If you do not qualify for the first round of the Express Entry system, your profile remains in the pool for one year, allowing you to increase your CRS score and qualify for the following round.

Learn more about the Express Entry System and how to apply here.

Program for Provincial Nominees (PNP)

The government and the provinces of Canada reached an accord. This enables them to designate immigrants who wish to live and work in a certain province. You must pick a province and apply under its unique program in order to acquire a nomination through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

The provinces will choose a candidate based on their immigration and labor requirements. Most provinces seek to grow their economies, which is why it’s critical to select a province where your talents are in high demand. This increases your chances of being nominated.

What is the procedure for the Provincial Nominee Program?

When applying for Canadian permanent residency under the PNP, you have two major alternatives. You can apply directly to the province (or territory) or via the Express Entry-linked process.

Process of Direct Application

The procedure is carried out by submitting a paper application through mail or courier. This implies that you will incur additional charges, and the waiting period for the application decision might go anywhere from 15 to 19 months.

Process of Applying for Express Entry

There are two alternatives:

Expression of interest – When building your online profile, you can indicate your interest in a certain province or area. This permits the province to choose your profile from the Express Entry draw pool directly.

Apply through a Provincial Nominee Express Entry Stream — nearly every province in Canada offers an Express Entry stream, as well as a list of in-demand vocations.

Because the Express Entry method has an average processing period of six to eight months, you will be able to live in Canada sooner rather than later.

Nigerian Resident in Canada

The majority of Nigerians in Canada live in Ontario and Alberta. Both are recognized for being fantastic cities full of opportunity, having low crime rates that make them ideal locations to raise a family, and having gorgeous woods and mountains that make for a desired living environment. The biggest advantage is that Ontario and Alberta have Canada’s highest and second-highest minimum wages, respectively.

There are about 100 immigration schemes in Canada. This implies that Nigerians have a variety of Canadian visa alternatives to pick from. Visit to choose the best one for you and to learn how to apply for a Canadian visa from Nigeria, and you may be well on your way to living in Canada!